Re: Re: Lesson 9 – Wyckoff


Thanks Duncan, always great advice! Yes, I can see which of the images are the best. I’m glad you liked the “teeth” one. My goal for those shots was to show how nature is reclaiming even the strongest of materials. That’s why I was leaving the vines and stuff in. However, you are right. Sometimes you just can “force” a shot just because it looks neat or says something to you. The weeds do really get in the way on that middle shot.

As to our buddy Jesus, well that’s about the only angle I could get because it was halfway up a building. I would have needed a helicopter or big ladder. 🙂 Although, maybe this gets back to your previous statement about not forcing a shot. I did want a “looking down” on you feel. That way it could have a message to christians and even non-christians (think about that one) 🙂

Anyway, you advice helps a lot and I will most certainly heed the message! Onward!