Re: Re: Lesson#2 by Jess

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Jess!

Thanks for submitting your second assignment.

I know it’s strange to be writing a short essay as part of a photography course but there is a very good reason for it.

One of the things many photographers do when learning is they just set out to take many many photos and practice the technical aspects of shooting. This is great but sometimes thinking about why you’re shooting is sometimes useful.

Think about it. Ask yourself why am I shooting? What am I trying to achieve? What inspires me?

Thinking about questions like this (and writing this little essay) should get you to think about what you want from your photography.

If you shoot lots and spend a little time thinking about your work you’ll do much better than someone who just shoots lots of images.

I enjoyed reading your piece and you’ve done well on this assignment.

I look forward to seeing you progress through the course.

As always if you need any help send me an email: