Re: Re: Motion and Depth Pics

Duncan Rawlinson

On the watermarking…

Always make sure you are always doing “non destructive editing”.

Meaning you’re never working on your master files themselves. Adobe Lightroom and Aperture do this be default.

Now onto the images.

The photo of the flower / weed shows that you understand how to achieve relatively shallow depth of field. So that’s good. Obviously the watermark isn’t great but I think we’ve addressed that.

Your shot of the birds taking off is good but it could be much better.

To make this photo better you could have framed it in such a way that the red thing in the background wasn’t there. Also the wheels don’t help.

Another issue with this frame is that the colors are very drab.

More color, a cleaner frame, and getting closer would have improved this image.

Now the image does convery some motion but I have to squint to see it!

Get closer to the birds next time 🙂

Your last photo is certainly the most interesting of the group. You’ve achieved large depth of field and night and created an interesting image. To improve this image you could have added somehting for a sense of scale. I have never been to this place and don’t know how small or large everything is. If there are no people in your frame always try to add something for scale. A bicycle leaning against the wall or really anything. I suppose the doorway almost serves that purpose but it’s cropped along the top.

Whatever the case, it’s your most interesting image by far.

You’ve shown that you understand the goals of the assignment here so job well done.

Shoot more photos like the last one, just be careful shooting at night please!

See you on the next assignment.