Re: Re: NPG Lesson 4

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work with this photograph.

You’ve used a simple yet very powerful effect. I do have a couple of recommendations however. For starters, the human face is one of the most important elements in a portrait photograph.

Essentially, this is an environmental portrait with your subject performing in their work environment. It’s a beautiful image that has a clearly communicated color palette, abides by the rule of thirds and used a lot of negative space to help simplify the composition.

However, the top layer that acts as a sort of “bed” that you rest your text on cuts through your subject’s face. When you look at a photograph with a person in it, your attention is almost always drawn to their face first. That is why there is so much emphasis placed on strong focus on the subject’s eyes. Any other environmental or add on effects that get in their way of their face may act to disrupt the harmony of your photograph.

My recommendation would be to either make the later a little thinner or move it down a little so it doesn’t interfere with your main subject’s face.

My second comment has to do with the dead space above your subject’s head. What you’ve done isn’t wrong, but I want you to be aware of that type of framing so it’s always a conscious choice. Generally, photographers like bringing their top frame down close to the subject’s head, or even cutting off part of the top of their head.

For example see the following photograph:

A little space above the head

no space above the head

Overall, you’ve done a great job on this assignment!