Re: Re: Online Portfolio

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Michael,

Your online portfolio is ok.

What software are you using to run your website? Have you looked at Photoshelter?

There are some problems with your site. For one there are multiple languages on the website. Some german, some enlish. For a number of reasons I would recommend keeping the language consistent across the website. You have a .es domain which is spanish and you have some german text on your site… It’s confusing for the visitor…

Also every photo is displayed in a pop-up window. Most modern web browsers have pop-up blockers and as a result your website visitors will never see your images! Your website would not work for me and I had to disable my popup blocker…

Your photos should be displayed on your site and not in a pop-up window… Also if I want to send one of your photos to a friend I cannot do this with a popup…

There are no landscape, people, Indian ocean, or animal photographs. So there should not be buttons for these…

Anyway I would highly recommend using a service like photoshelter or smugmug to manage your website.

Whatever the case you have made a good start. You have your own domain name and a website running. You just need to make some improvements to really make it work!

Nice Job Michael!