Re: Re: Overadvanced

Duncan Rawlinson

Beautiful series of photographs.

In my opinion, this is your best work yet. I’m drawn towards the first two images in particular. The first image is very simple in it’s focus, but the composition is full of information. It’s rich with texture, story, color, age and you’ve used beautiful lighting for this shot. The lighting is bouncing up slightly to expose the subject’s eyes. There is a deep sense that there is both beauty and struggle in this character. He maintains a contradictory presence: seemingly appeaing to hold on visually to a look of the past while having the worn look of someone who’s been thrown a few curve balls by life.

It’s hard to be indifferent to this character and therefore you’re visual story is engaging. This is the element I love most about this particular shot. You’ve managed to combine both strong composition with a story. This is what photography is about! Congratulations.

You do have a bit of a burnt out area on your subject’s nose, but it actually fits into the grainy and old look of the shot. However, for future reference please see our blog post on latitude here:

Your last two images are also very good. As stated earlier, I’m drawn towards the image with the graffiti in the background more because the compositional objects work together to tell your story. You have a subject in your foreground seeming to suffer. Yet, your backdrop is of a happy (slightly menacing) cartoon character. I find this visual contradiction interesting and engaging.

Overall, great work on this series!