Re: Re: Photoshop

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Michael,

As always you’ve done the assignment with subtlety and style. I like that you are using photoshop for a good reason, IE fixing up an image and making it better.

I’m personally not a fan of photoshop for the sake of photoshop. Stuff like this is fun and everything but to me, it’s not really that useful…

What is useful is doing exactly what you have done. You have dramatically improved this image by making simple yet effective changes.

It’s also great that you made changes to an image that you were not able to do ‘in camera’ when you we’re shooting due to being underwater… Obviously it’s best if you can try to do this stuff ‘in camera’ but in this case it’s appropriate.

The selection itself of the bull in your next image could use a little work but it’s an interesting image. Obviously not your best though…

I think you’re like me, we like real images!

For your lens I would consider getting a 50mm prime lens like this Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II.

Although I have no experience with underwater DSLR lenses so if you’re going to shoot underwater this might not be good for that.

Oh and: