Re: Re: red barn

Duncan Rawlinson

Fantastic photograph. This is truly incredible work. I really appreciate how you’ve managed to enhance the photograph and make quite major changes, but the impacts are very subtle. Removing elements from a photograph is not an easy task nor is color correcting or playing gracefully with contrast. You’ve managed to do a good job though.

My only concern is with the area you’ve removed the tree from. When I enlarge the photograph I can see very clear lines where you tried to remove the tree. From far away it’s harder to tell, but those lines really stand out when you enlarge the photograph.

I’ve attached a sample that I quickly edited in Photoshop without the same lines. It’s still not perfect, but you’ll see I hid the lines by doing two things.

1. using a larger circular brush size with feathered edges
2. lowering the “opacity” to 25% to make the changes more subtle.

Give that a try to see the results for yourself.