Re: Re: Understanding Aperture and Shutter Speed

Duncan Rawlinson

Yes the goal of this assignment is to get you thinking about motion, light, and controlling your camera.

You have to think backwards… In other words you have to think about the look you want to achieve and then setup for that look.

It’s not easy at first but with practice you will get the hang of it.

You have done a few things here that are smart. You have controlled the amount of light by shooting in a very dark environment and you’ve just played around.

I would recommend you take a look at the “painting with light” bonus lesson in the student workspace for this kind of thing. It’s always tricky to nail your focus in the dark!

Your shallow depth of field image also meets the requirements of the assignment, although I would have preferred you shoot at a f3.5 (which I think is the fastest that lens goes) and a lower ISO but you might not have been able.

So you’ve clearly understood both elements of the assignment.

The key takeaways here are playing and experiment (always good!)

Also notice how your shallow depth of field image looks different at varying scales. This has to do with the circle of confusion and is quite complicated, but just understand that your images will look vastly different at different scales. This is especially true with focus.