Re: Re: What Camera Do You Use?


I had 3 choices…. Pentax, Nikon, or Canon. I have always owned Canon Camera’s and have loved every one of them. The Pentax had the most mega pixels at approximately 12.4 and honestly, it was on sale and came with the 55-300 lens. it was buy the camera with the 18-55 lens and get the 55-300 lense for free!!!! I couldn’t pass it up. this style “the K-x” comes in about 8 colors! i do get a lot of comments on the color. So maybe that did have something 😉 to do with it too! LOL! The reviews also said that The K-x is the perfect camera for first-time digital SLR camera users, as well as an ideal backup camera for more experienced photographers. I still have a ton of reading to do with the camera’s manual. A lot to teach myself with the internal menu! Mega overload at times!!!!! 😯 But when you love doing something as I do with my picture taking… it’s not hard to sit and learn because i’m enjoying myself in the process!!!!! I am really enjoying my class too! You are a great teacher! Thank You!!! :mrgreen: