1st assignment: Happy Holidays!

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    Finally I was able to find some inspirations for this assignment:

    [attachment=1:3sw7qj0v]nikon,ariel,project 269.JPG[/attachment:3sw7qj0v]

    [attachment=0:3sw7qj0v]nikon,ariel,project 271.JPG[/attachment:3sw7qj0v]



    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great work on your first assignment.

    This is exactly what we hoped you would accomplish with this assignment. The purpose of the assignment wasn’t only to find beauty in the beast, but also to discover what it is about the ‘beast” that makes it unappealing.

    You’ve done a great job of taking an ordinary photograph and transforming the same environment into something with a strong sense of design.

    One of the biggest changes is found in your use of space. While your first image (i.e. beast) is a wide shot of a room with poor frame design and no clear message, your second image simplifies its composition and finds a sense of purpose.

    It’s smart to start out in close ups (think faces and fingernails) and then slowly start to move out into larger environments. Essentially, the mail design elements are the same, they are just harder to find in larger natural environments.

    Your second image is great because not only have you limited the objects within the frame, but you’ve also cleaned up the 4 walls of your photograph. In your first image, the edges of your frame are cluttered and filled with distracting amputations (i.e. cutting off of objects by one or more of the edges of your frame). However, distracting amputations are absent in your second image.

    The only area I want to draw your attention to is the way different layers within a frame interact. What you’ve done isn’t wrong, but your foreground object and background object overlay one another. Because you’ve used a shallow depth of field it’s not wrong, but if you have interfering layers you’ll often want to use a shallow depth of field. However, it’s also important to considering unlocking the layers. What about moving slightly to your left so the foreground and background don’t overlay? In the end it’s up to you, but I just wanted you to be aware of it for your future assignments.

    All the best!

    Great work on your first assignment.

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