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    The person who inspired me to really think about and learn photography was a hair stylist Kit Hung. He learns his photography from simple basics all the way to almost professional. Ever since I saw his fantastic and magnificent works on Facebook, I started to become obsessed with photography and I also started to notice there are so many fine details to photography! By applying the details correctly, such as shutter speed, aperture size, color lens, could help photographers create perfect images and stimulating visual enjoyment. The most important element that I admire from Kit’s photography is the depth of field, which brings out the different things’ fine details that we human easily and usually forget as we see things. The first photo is my most favourite of his works:

    This picture was taken through such a great distance between the bowl and the lights at the back, which brings out the interesting depth of field. To tell the truth, this photo totally inspired me of learning photography. I wish I could take some amazing photos like this sometime!

    Another photo is the flower:
    I think he used a purple color filter to take this photo. I love the mood of this stunning photograph.

    Kit’s talent to combine different objects (and the ability to bring out unbelievably stunning views) really touches my heart and I hope I could obtain ideas like his and take astonishing photographs that affect every audience! In short, I would like to learn photography to capture the fine details that can strike people’s eyes and hearts.

    Duncan Rawlinson


    These were truly inspirational photographs to look at. Thank you for sharing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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