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    Icon Photography School student photo submission:
    Student ID: Lauramarieodonnell
    March 8th, 2013
    To: AntiDull Art Magazine

    Student Website Link:
    Photo Submission Link:!untitled/zoom/cciw/image1738

    Dear AntiDull Art Magazine:
    My name is Laura Marie ODonnell. I was born in Michigan, moved to the west coast of California for 10 years as an adult, then to the east coast for a few years, and currently reside in Florida.

    Since a little girl I have always had an interest for film and people. Telling stories creatively is my passion. With an educational background in undergraduate and graduate specializing in psychology, I have no trouble establishing rapport with others. I find this is key when working with new models or when clients’ nerves interfere with the photo shoot.

    I started out as a model in 2002 and have experience in print, runway, high fashion, swimsuit, catalog, hosting, and commercial work. After 10 years of gaining experience in this business, I decided to take my passion to another level. My dream is to create ideas while telling a beautiful story of people and memories. This drive pushed me into photography and I have dove in, never looking back.

    My love for being a photographer has become a success! I am currently attending Icon Photography School and begin The New York Institute of Photography in the spring. I have been able to implement professional experience with my psychology background. By helping people feel confident and beautiful, along with showing poses which complement the client leads to an optimal photo. My job is to make people feel and look beautiful by creating lifelong memories.
    Life is beautiful!

    After visiting your magazine I see myself fitting into the Art and Photography People’s section. I feel your magazine is very diverse in all the work you have published. This makes for great viewing and leaves the observer wanting more and excited with anticipation for what the next issue will bring. Your Magazine pushes boundaries, capturing limitless creativity and competition. I feel my website is just scratching the surface for what I will learn and implement over the next several years enduring my new career!
    My Photo for submission is at the following link:!untitled/zoom/cciw/image1738
    Please check out my website at:

    Laura Marie ODonnell

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Ok I will have a look.

    Feel free to move onto the next module.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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