Assigment #11

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    This is the before picture in color:


    Then the picture was cropped and turn to black and white to emphasize the portrait with the half face effect:


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hello and thank you for submitting this assignment.

    You’ve cropped the image and fully desaturated the image turning it into a black and white photograph.

    The changes are marked improvements. However, I feel you should consider a couple of technical recommendations for this photograph.

    For starters and most importantly, when taking portraits or photographs with people in them, the main area that viewer’s are drawn towards are the eyes.

    There are two main rules of thumb for photographing eyes. Firstly, they should be positioned in the top third of the photograph (and not the center like you have them). Secondly, they should be in sharp focus with no other photographic layers (i.e. foreground) interfering with them.

    I really like the creative idea of using a wine glass to blur or hide objects, but I like how it’s used on your secondary objects (i.e. man sitting in the background), rather than using it to effect your main subject.

    I do really like the concept through. I just think there is a better way to execute the idea. The wine glass exaggerates and creates its own shallow depth of field, which is a very interesting effect.

    It worth experimenting with this idea of shooting through glass to create a creative effect, but be very careful how this layer interacts with your image’s other layers.

    Other than that, great work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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