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    The person who “disappears” into the crowd……..
    My inspiration to photography is a one photographer who is really good in all aspects of photography. He is a person who has the passion for photography. He is more of a wedding photographer and his works capture the emotions and feelings of a person on the day of their lives. When they get married. Marriage symbolises unity and love for the other person. He does a very good job of capturing a reflection of the, be it in the mirror when the bride is getting a make-up session to the groom when he is putting on the final touches onto his tuxedo. Also he gets candid shots, these are one of the many challenges that photographers face, capturing peoples’ natural emotions without them posing. A normal person’s reaction to a camera is to pose when they see someone trying to take a picture of them. But for him he makes himself almost “invisible”. The way he moves around from the wedding hall, dinner area, to a cluttered tea ceremony. Nobody really notices him but he gets really good expressive results in his shots. What sets him apart from other photographers is his way of placing his camera into positions that allow him to have a fantastic view of the happenings around him. His candid shots show people’s emotions very clearly and some are abstract. For example: the person can look happy and sad at the same time. I feel that these pictures are hardest to take as they capture the raw unchanged emotion of the human being. To achieve this level of status and profession you have to work for it. Also you have to pursue your interest in photography and take it to the next level and approach things with a different view. (310 words)

    Done by:
    Dominic Mark Hulme
    Photography Icon (Student)

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thank you for sharing this. I hope to see the same “candid” approach to your photography in your upcoming assignments.

    All the best!

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