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    My Goal as a photographer

    It’s very hard just have one photographer to write about my inspiration but I know for sure that I really like to photograph people more than anything, and very attracted to fashion photography I see a trend to merge fashion photography with portraits in these days. Richard Avedon is the one that I choose as my inspiration I love the way that he highlighted every details in people faces, in a way that maybe anyone can say it’s not attractive but you can see a real story in the eyes of his models.

    Overall because he had photograph many famous faces that look very different in other images but in his pictures they look real, like just a person some reflect very different look that the one as they are know for. His work inspired me I want to have the eye to capture people faces and images that can tell a story behind them. Richard Avedon used to have just a white background behind his subject so not distracting objects or props and this feature in spite to be flat create an atmosphere of reality and intimacy in my opinion.
    The lighting management I find very impressive the clarity, details shadows and every little feature in his models faces also some of the pictures with motion and stop action look like they really can make people fly on the air. One of the pictures of him that really like it’s the portraits of Marilyn Monroe a sex symbol you can see her in his pictures with a innocence that I never saw in any other pictures of her I can think that many photographer have the chance to photograph Marilyn but in Avedon images she appear nothing but sexy, look to me like the next door girl and even with a purity beauty that if she was not famous at all. I’m off course impress for other photographer images but I find people faces fascinating enough to stick with Avedon instead Ansell Adams, even when I can appreciate the majesty of Adams. Avedon black and white images are different than Adams but since my goal as a photographer is portraits finding the real images of people even in these fashion, plastic surgery and Photoshop photography world that we are living now. I believe that people beauty it’s just like they really are and not in the way that Photoshop can make they look like. A Mexican woman, an Asian kid, a worker’s hands, a jealous big brother, make a story behind the images when they are capture in their own place with the truly appearance of he human being, no vanities, no masks but faces with wrinkles, freckles, moles, pores imperfections people in their own skin with real life people being people.


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    I highly recommend that our other students look at the images of Marylin Monroe to see what Nayibi is talking about. his images are beautiful.

    You can see his website here

    thanks again for sharing this.

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