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    For my first assignment I decided to take two pictures of my keys. I felt that they were something ordinary that I could make into something visually appealing.
    Now I look at my keys and think that they are interesting.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Interesting choice of assignment. Nothing is much more ordinary than keys. We all see them without second notice multiple times per day. That being said they hold a paramount significance: the protect us and help ensure our privacy.

    Therefore thematically you have a lot to play around with in terms of the “story” of keys. In your two photographs you’ve done many things right but a few things could use correcting.

    In your image where the keys are on the placement the image lacks depth and therefore is perceived as flat and boring. Flat images (lacking in foreground, middle ground and background) are not necessarily wrong, but you need to have a reason for the flatness. Life is 3 dimensional, and photography is most often at it’s best use when trying to capture this 3 dimensionality through shadows, object placement and texture.

    The image of the keys on the couch is visually more interesting to me because you have a stronger sense of depth (both in object placement and a shallower depth of field to help isolate your main object). This photograph also has more secondary objects for the eye to explore beyond just the keys. The keys act as a “stopper” and allow the viewer’s eye to rest on them when they are not exploring the rest of the photograph.

    My main concern has to do with the composition especially around the edges of both photographs. You seem to be hyper-focused on your main object with only slight regard for your background composition. Why did you “amputate” (i.e. cut off with the right wall of the photograph) the right side of the couch? Why did you include part of the picture but amputate most of it? Why did you include part of the hardwood flooring?

    All of these secondary objects seem a bit thrown together to me. Be very careful with your secondary objects and pay special attention to their relationship to the 4 walls of your photograph.

    Other than that… Great first assignment! Can’t wait to see your next assignment.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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