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    I hope this is alright. I thought this was going to be MUCH easier than it actually was.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great first assignment.

    Let’s begin by discussing some of the highlights of the photograph. For starters, the composition for both shots was actually quite well thought out. The second shot incorporated more of a story telling element, but the first shot is aesthetically quite pleasing as well.

    The setting is very photogenic. I’m biased towards patterned wallpaper and love what creative minds do with these patterns in their film and photography projects. For example look at the following project:

    Notice how the color palette is really limited but strong with blues, yellows and red highlights? Also notice how the pattern on the wallpaper was used to create organized and simple, yet textured and interesting negative space?

    In your examples, the “beast” photograph uses the wallpaper as more of a primary element than your “beauty” image does and that’s what I’m really drawn towards in that image.

    I love both of the images and I love the slanted angle of your second image that shows the audience of the twisted reality of the your frog subject after drinking too much. The diagonal lines created from this perspective give the photograph a bit of a chaotic feel which works in well with your theme of intoxication and confusion.

    The one thing I would love you to experiment more with is lighting. In both your examples your lighting is flat. This doesn’t allow you to place emphasis or draw out textures. When lighting such small scenes you can even use lamps or flashlights to create your desired effects. Please watch the following videos. Even though the videos are directed towards filmmakers, the ideas apply to photographers as well.

    Lighting Tutorial and Samples

    Lighting: Color Temperature

    How to Light a Small Set

    I hope this helps.

    Overall, great work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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