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    hi 🙂
    I just tried to change the angel of the picture. 🙂


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great work on this assignment.

    This assignment asked that you take something “ordinary” and you change it to have a stronger sense of design by doing nothing other than changing your perspective. You’ve done a great job of that!

    Essentially what you’ve done is you’ve taken a relatively flat composition (the beast) and you’ve added depth (i.e. foreground, middle-ground, background) by shooting below the main object(s) of interest and shooting upwards.

    Not only that, but you’ve incorporated other design elements as well: such as line (the corner of the wall & the lines in the ceiling) and you’ve also incorporated texture by including the damaged wall on the right of the composition. There is something incredibly seductive about aged walls isn’t there?

    I would have liked to see you experiment with 2 things though.

    1. Amputation.
    2. Texture

    One of your main objects in this composition (the picture on the wall) is cut off by your frame’s left wall. The amputation is very small, but this is why it look accidental to me. Remember to put just as much thought into the composition of your edges as you do to the center of your photograph. By doing this you’ll create the strongest possible compositions.

    Secondly, I loved the aged look to the wall. I really like aged environments as they are generally full of texture and photograph very well. However, in order to draw out the natural texture within the environment the lighting needs to be just right. As you’ll learn in an upcoming lecture, flat lighting suppresses texture while side lighting helps draw it out. I think you would have benefited from using a less “fronty” lighting source and instead used side lighting to help exaggerate the sense of shadow and texture within the shot.

    Other than that, great work! I look forward to seeing your next assignment.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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