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    I found this incense burner that it’s always at my living room and i took it to my backyard to give a neww perpective

    Duncan Rawlinson

    This is a wonderful idea for this assignment. You took something out of its ordinary environment and placed it in an environment which is unnatural. Better yet, you composed your image in such a way to hide the fact that the object is in an unnatural environment.

    When I first saw this picture I thought I was looking at some type of industrial smoke stack. I was a bit confused because there seems to be a short distance between the “smoke stack” and the camera which is why I knew my eyes were playing tricks on me.

    But artistically, I think this is a brilliant idea. This is exactly what this assignment called for. That being said, I think from a composition standpoint you could make a few corrections. First of all, the clouds add a wonderful dramatic element to the photograph and they provide context to the shot. Your camera has done a great job of picking up the vibrant blue sky and the bright white clouds.

    However, you’ve “amputated”, or “cut off” these objects. To me, they seem small enough that you could have included at least 1 full cloud in the image behind the tower. I think that would have given your photograph a more organized and polished look. Amputating the primary or (in this case) your secondary objects is one of the biggest and most avoidable mistakes that photographers make.

    Keep your eye on the area around the 4 walls of your photograph and choose to either include or remove these objects.

    Other than that… Wonderful photograph.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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