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    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hello Adrian!

    Welcome to the student forum! You’re now part of the student community here. 🙂

    Did you confirm that you are on the email list by clicking on that link in the email you received? If not take a look at your email there should be a note there saying “click here to confirm”…

    Also, are you on twitter? If so follow: There will be updates posted there.

    Now the fun part.

    The critique of this assignment…

    You probably thought it was a little odd to be shooting something boring but I can confirm that there is a method to the ‘madness’.

    Obviously the idea here is to get you to start to think and look at things like a photographer. It’s also to get you to start playing with photography. The first assignment is intentionally designed to be a playful exercise.

    Now in your photos in particular you’ve chose something extremely mundane. It’s a tall order to make that interesting.

    You’ve done about as much as you can to try to make it more interesting using whatever techniques you know now and you’re certainly taken a photograph that is more interesting.

    In other words your beauty photograph is superior to your beast photograph. There is no question about it. So you’ve done well.

    To make this photo even more interesting you could add a hand or add some color like this:

    photo by derekGavey

    I’d like for your to keep this idea in your mind. The idea that even the most boring thing in the world can be made more interesting through photography.

    Obviously if you take that logic to the next level that means something remarkable can be made even more so through photography.

    I hope you keep this in mind when you’re shooting going forward.

    Don’t be afraid to play with your photography, have fun, and enjoy.

    I look forward to helping you through the course!

    Don’t forget you can edit your forum signature and add your forum pic here.


    My name is Tamara. My paypal account is just under my husbands name. 😀 Thank you for your feedback. Cant wait to move on to the next lessons.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Oh sry 😳

    If you could, please add your name to your signature and maybe add a profile pic.

    It helps me keep in touch with the students.

    Thank you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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