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    Hi! I tried to take a different look at my dining room window by focusing on the pull strings at a different angle. Thanks for your feedback!

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi Amy and welcome!

    Thanks for taking the time to sign up for the course and submit your first assignment! You’re on your way to becoming a better photographer already!

    Your first assignment is all about getting you to start seeing the interesting visual opportunities around you. It forces you to recognize that almost anything can be made to look more visually appealing or interesting using photography.

    You have certainly done well with your first assignment. You have found something mundane and done a few things to make it visually interesting. For one you shot what’s known as a “dutch angle”. Basically a crookedly framed image that is done so on purpose.

    You’ve also shot the photo at very shallow depth of field and you have ensured the viewers eye is trained on the strings of the blinds.

    All of this is great but the most important thing you did here is get close! This is excellent! If there is one thing I can tell you more than anything else to improve your images its get close. Get uncomfortably close and then get closer.

    You will notice that almost all great images are about as close as they could be.

    If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough. -Robert Capa

    Don’t zoom. Use your feet.

    Here are a couple other examples of photos like this to inspire you!
    [attachment=2:2lu4euy1]blinds example 3228273137_724d6dfafe_z.jpg[/attachment:2lu4euy1]
    photo by chant3

    [attachment=1:2lu4euy1]blinds example 2 2336784676_108d19f445_z.jpg[/attachment:2lu4euy1]
    photo by wwworks

    [attachment=0:2lu4euy1]blinds example 3 3209564747_e415673f63_z.jpg[/attachment:2lu4euy1]
    photo by aloshbennett

    Great stuff Amy!

    Happy to have you here with us.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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