assignment 1 – beast to beauty

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    hello i spent the last 3days going around the house taking photos.
    it was difficult to decide which photo to post but now i decided on this one
    i hope it’s ok. i’m a complete amateur.

    my daughter has loads of jackets and i tried playing with light, shadows and textures to transform one beast into beauty……

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Good choice for an assignment to upload.

    Both of your images are actually decent images, but have some issues that you should be aware of, but both have at least some strong compositional elements.

    Your first image (the beast), is actually well composed. You have simple, clean edges (no amputating), and a strong color palette. The image is to the point and focused. There are no distracting background elements that take away from your story. It doesn’t matter how simple your visual story is, everything should work together to convey your message. This image does that very well.

    That being said, the image is flat. All action happens in the same layer of depth. There is no foreground, middle ground or background and the textures that seem to apparent in the fabric are hidden to do a flat lighting situation.

    Your second image uses macro photography to even further isolate your interest. In this case I think your interest become color and shape. The object becomes unidentifiable but the color becomes more vibrant and the shapes more abstract.

    You’ve done a better job of layering and pulling out textures, but I there is still room for improvement. If you want to pull texture out of a material like this you need to use side lighting. Pick up your table lamp or find a flashlight and light your oject from the side. It will completely change your lighting situation and help pull out the texture of the material.

    Lighting is a very important part of photography. Please watch the following 2 videos on lighting. Even though the tutorials are directed towards filmmakers, the principles are the same for photographers.

    Lighting samples

    Color temperature: Lighting tutorial

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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