Assignment 1 Beast to Beauty

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    Good Evening,
    Attached is my submission for assignment 1. I am looking forward to the critique.

    T. Jernigan



    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great first assignment.

    What you’ve decided to do with these photographs is move your perspective closer to focus not on the entire subject and background context, but instead on shape, color, and depth.

    Let’s start by looking at your first image. The image isn’t terrible, but it does lack a sense of life. The image is flat due to the lighting situation in the room and placement of objects. Virtually all of the objects are located in the same layer of the photograph. There is no foreground, middle ground or background.

    Speaking of composition, you’ve also amputated (i.e. cut off) the door on the right side of the photograph. The framing is also slightly off in terms of your levelling. I notice the lines in the door do not run parallel with the right side of the photograph’s frame.

    You’ve also included amputated elements on the bottom frame of the photograph.

    One great thing I do want to mention regarding your “beast” photograph is that you have a strong and identifiable color palette. That’s something that is not easy to achieve. Well done.

    Your second image however, is much stronger. You’ve moved in closer which got rid of your distracting background elements and because of your positioning and proximity to your object, you now have a stronger sense of depth and different layers. You’ve also used a sallower depth of field to blur your foreground which also helps with the illusion of depth.

    Overall, great job. Just don’t feel you need to opt for macro-photography to capture a strong photograph. We can learn a lot from macro photography, but the same principles can be applied to larger areas of space.

    Keep up the great work.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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