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    The email address for antidull mag was rejected is there another address

    To the Picture Editor

    My name is Karen Sayster I come from the city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa, I am currently living in Kingston Jamaica. I matriculated in 1991 I’ve worked as a secretary in different fields and since moving to Jamaica a year ago I became more involved in photography. My picture choice is the black and white picture of the seabirds patiently resting on the bow of a fishing boat waiting for left overs whilst the fishermen prepare their fresh catch for sale on the dockside. I think my picture can be published because it has character and tells a story of daily life on the docks at Port Royal in Jamaica.


    Karen Sayster student no 10067

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hello. We sent out the certificates on Monday March 16th. They generally take 7-10 days to arrive within North America and just slightly longer if you’re outside of N.A.

    Also, the antidull magazine will be publishing quarterly now so their next issue will be released in April 09. You’ll hear from them before they publish so you know when to expect to see your work!

    All the best


    Hi, the e-mail adress for AntiDull Magazine is invalid. Do you have another one?


    Duncan Rawlinson

    They have been alerted and the issue has been fixed!


    I have posted some photos to the antidull magazine to be publish and I haven’t heard anything yet it’s been a while, can I do my final exam before I hear from them..

    Thank you

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Yes, of course. The final and the publishing opportunity are two unrelated things.

    It seems they are on track to publish by the end of the month.

    It’s not unusual you haven’t heard anything. They only correspond with photographs just as they are getting ready to publish. You’ll hear from them shortly!

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