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    This assignment was a challenge because I am not familiar with many photographers. Of the ones I am fond of, I am not quite sure what their point of views are. I do know what drws me to their works though.

    The first photographer that inspires me is Garry Winogrand. What draws me to his work is his ability to capture the moment. His photographs seem very raw, almost voyeuristic.
    This photograph appears to be very “normal” yet it is so bizaar. First, here is a couple carrying two chimps in the middle of a park. Also, the photo depicts an inter-racial couple, something I assume was very controversial at the time of the photo. I guess I like the fact that he can make something so unusual look very usual.[attachment=1:nzlzdi72]winogrand-cpz.jpg[/attachment:nzlzdi72]

    The next photographer I am drawn to is David laChapelle. What I love about his portraits is his use of background. The background actually becomes part of the subject, not just the background. Also, his use of color really makes the photo look unlike reality, almost like a painting.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great examples. Thank you for your insight and for sharing these specific photographs with us. I love the photograph with the chimpanzees. You’re right, it’s very “normal” looking, even though the shot is quite unusual. Brilliant.

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