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    It’s only recently that I’ve begun studying the art of photography and all it entails. I’ve always loved beautiful photos. I’ve always been interested in art in general. I’ve loved so much of what I’ve seen but have studied none in depth. I made the decision to become a photographer when I realized I saw the world in possible pictures. Once I began to explore actually capturing the images I was already framing, I was hooked. If I could develop a relationship with my camera, if I could figure out how to capture what I saw, I could be a photographer.

    Therefore, I don’t know that there is one particular artist in particular that I can point to and say “there, that’s why”. There have been too many beautiful pieces to know the name of every one of them. I recognize certain artists, of course, but there is too much unknown obscure work that inspired and influenced to be able to point at every piece and give proper credit. It does occur to me that if I were to recognize the techniques employed in the photos that catch my eye, I might recognize where the ultimate influence lies. It’s always interesting to find out what you don’t know. I hope to learn more about that in the near future.

    I can say that I have always considered Ansel Adams phenomenal. In reviewing lesson 2, the first Adams image shown, to me, is absolutely perfect. That photo contains amazing contrast, lighting, composition, and texture. It contains every element of an optimal image. Ironically, I don’t have much interest in creating black and whites myself, but I do find them fascinating and I am just beginning to see the learning potential that they contain.

    Landscape/nature photography is my main area of interest. The unlimited perspectives, the lighting changes, how the exact same shot can be completely different every time is mesmerizing. Capturing those images is so exciting to me. Showing a familiar place in a completely different way is a fascinating challenge.

    At the same time, I find people amazing. Driving down the street, I so want to take these amazing photographs of random people I see at bus stops or playing with a baby in a stroller at a street light, old people crossing the street and the blind with their canes. I truly think these could be powerful images if only I knew how to capture them and how to take them in a way that pays respect to my subjects. I suppose this is editorial photography, and I suspect it’s influenced me more than I have previously realized.

    I wish I could point to you one particular image in particular; one artist (other than Mr. Adams) that has lit my heart on fire. There are just too many talented people willing to share their knowledge for that to be fair or even possible. I hope to learn and grow every day, as a photographer and as a human. Who can say what will make an influence from one day to the next? I hope that will be my perspective as a photographer.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Well stated. Thank you for sharing this.

    I particularly liked the comment:

    “…develop a relationship with my camera”

    I look forward to seeing how the ideas mentioned above manifest themselves in your upcoming assignments!

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