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    I was thinking that photography was about the photographer’s technique, the models, the locations and the camera. I thought, if we have a better camera, we could make better pictures / photograph. Yes that was right, until I heard about the overseas photographer called “Darwis Triadi”. He is from Indonesia, and he is focussing on the fashion and model photography.

    Actually I am just like him, likes to shoot models and fashions. But he has a big difference in photography. For him, photography is not important what camera do we use to shoot a picture. The most important thing for Darwis Triadi is the technique and the knowledge of the photographer. I have read and see his videos on how to shoot a pictures. And yes, he is good in taking pictures, not because he is a master which is using Canon 5D or 1D, it’s because his knowledge and techinique. He can shoot a model with a great result with only using a pocket camera.

    And Darwis Triadi is a master in fashion and model photography. With only a simple shoot, he can make a great pictures. His name is already known in all over the world, I like his technique in how he shoot a models. I have seen his pictures from his website, many of his works make me open my mind and thoughts about photographer. Everyone can be a master just like him, which is from a small city in Indonesia, but he can be a professional photographer.

    And from that I learn that the most important thing that a photographer should have is the technique and knowledge. And the other thing is not too important than that two thing I mention above. Cause with a great technique and knowledge, we could make a great pictures even with a no experiece model or even in locations that mostly people think that locations is bad.

    So I learn from Darwis Triadi that no matter what camera we use, we can make a great pictures. The most important thing is to train a lot with our technique and knowledge and learn from others. So that will make us a great photographer.

    Lastly, my ambition is to be like Darwis Triadi. Not because he is famous in the world. But it is because he can shoot models and fashions very good. I love to be a models and fashions photographer.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thank you for sharing this with us. It’s much appreciated.

    For others students who are curious to see his work you can visit his website at:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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