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    Photography is something entirely new to me. I haven’t studied many artists or even considered who has taken what photos, I’ve merely said to myself, “now that is a cool picture.” As a result, it took me awhile to decide which photographer is my inspiration. I really love Dorothea Lange. Her photos from the Great Depression are filled with raw emotion. You can see the worry and desperation on the faces of the individuals she photographed. I particularly like the photo of the mother with her children, I do not know the name of the photo. I think that I can relate to her thoughts as a mother myself. I always want the best for my children, but I can only imagine what it must have been like to not know what tomorrow would bring and if you would even be able to feed your children. Dorothea Lange does such a phenomenal job of bringing that emotion through the lens. Her photo, “children in a democracy” is also amazing in that you can see the horrible living conditions and yet you are able to get the sense that the kids are still finding ways to be happy. It brings about a sense of hope.

    The thing that I enjoy most about her work is the emotion she is able to show through her portraits. Portrait photography most interests me. While she was not a portrait photographer, but a photojournalist she does such a phenomenal job of showing each individual in their environment and conditions, I think it is something that all portrait photographers should strive to accomplish. Each portrait should show a sense of who that person is and how they are feeling at that particular moment. I think that examining her photos of migrant workers can help me to do just that. Not every photo has to be of a smiling family or individual. I have to remember that when photographing kids. It’s ok to take pictures of them unhappy, or grumpy, because that’s who they are!

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hey Kaeli,

    Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    Here are both photographs you mentioned. The first is the famous Migrant Worker photograph. It really is a stunning photograph. Not only is it a great image but this image single handedly brought attention to the dire situation! It literally changed peoples lives!


    Here is the story of that image:

    Here is the other image you mentioned:

    It really is amazing how well kids can cope with horrible environments.

    We’re so resilient as people!

    If you’re also interested in photographs of unhappy children you must look at this:

    What do you think about that?

    Keep this assignment in mind going forward. Remind yourself of why you’re even interested in photography. If you’re still not totally clear on that it’s ok. But the more clarity you have the more you will be inspired to produce great work!

    See you on the next assignment!

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