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    First i want to apologize for my english im not realy good in forming words…I hope i can explain evrything nicely..To be honest i dont really know that much artist or famous photographer…i love looking at all their work,admire them but really dont know or remember the artist…Only started to pay attention to it when i decided to be serious about photgraphy..its my first love and just cant find the right time to do it…Not to mention how expensive all the equipments are..And i grew up in a foreign country in which money is very important that you can only spend it on evryday neccessities.. We dont own a camera thats why i always borrow one from my friends and i take advantage of the chance and took lots of pictures of my favorite thing in the whole world the beach…

    Anyway so i did some research and found out that there is one artist who share the same interest that i have..And its the famous Ansel Adams.. We both love nature and taking photos of a landscape.. I dont know how artist explains evrything in their own lingo but for me i love how he captures breathtaking images of the wilderness… And how he makes it more beautiful to our eyes… Eventhough he takes black and white images he still captures the real life in all his work.. My favorite is the Tetons and The Snake River. I always love the view of sky,mountains and bodies of water because they give me such a wonderful feeling of calmness .. thats why this masterpiece really captured me.. looking at this art it dramaticaly shows how the natural light affects evrything,how its showing behind the mountain,escaping through the clouds,spreads all over the ladscape making the river water glitters and flatters the shapes of the trees… It always amuse me how the different shapes of clouds makes the sky so beautiful to watch and the sunshine giving it lovely colors..How it touches the water and create colorful sparkles..

    Thats why i admire the artist who can capture these magical moments and preserve it for us to see,appreciate and be inspired..

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thank you for sharing this. The point you touched on that I think deserves more thought is the way that we relate to photography emotionally. You mentioned it makes you feel “calm”. Most people relation emotional response to music. We listen to a song and it makes us feel a certain way. It’s interested when you get into photography and you allow visuals to have the same impact on you. It changes the way you interact and relate to the world.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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