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    For me, inspiration doesn’t come from one sole person or a specific place. It comes from pictures, scenes and people you come to recognize throughout time. Piecing all these things together is what ignites the inspiration that dwells within me.

    Throughout all of my school years, I always went back and forth between options I had, with what to do with my life after graduation. There was always one constant that I never could let go of, and that was my passion for photography and writing. I truly feel that this is my comfort area and the one element I could base my lifelong career off of.

    As I am learning, there are many different types of photography and many different aspects within each. What I love most about photography over other forms of art such as paintings, is that each piece is exactly what it is. A painting, you can create and exaggerate as you wish, but when you take a photograph in its raw form, there are no lies or pretending, it is just real.

    My favorite kind of photos to take or look at is black and whites. I think you can spend more time appreciating the picture itself instead of being distracted by shades and colors. I also love the silhouettes and outlines created in black and whites; it allows you to see certain objects or scenes from a completely different perspective. My interests in photography are usually drawn more to mountains and trees, things that on their own can be very majestic, but with the magic of digital cameras and the right angles and lighting, a picture can go from great to breathtaking.

    One artist who has helped me with my work by studying and learning his work is John Shaw. The first thing that attracted me to his art is that he is a real outdoors and wildlife photographer. I was raised by parents who were outside regularly, and we were always camping or hiking. Now I live on a small ranch just outside of a small town in Alberta. There is nothing but nature around me, and most people in my life right now are involved in rodeos in some way or another so I am constantly involved with outdoor situations.

    John Shaw has many galleries of specific subjects. He has one entitled “At the Ranch,” which has pictures of western and cowboy topics, which I love so much because it is somewhat my lifestyle now too. I am hoping that with the help of this course I will one day be taking photographs of the rodeos around here as good as his.

    Out of all of the great work John Shaw has created, my favorite is called “Twilight Talk.” It has the basic idea of black and white photography that I like with the dark silhouettes, yet he made it even better with the sunset. There are only four colors in this picture and each color compliments and assists each other so well. It is just such a beautiful piece. He has taken something ordinary, such as two men talking on a hill, and turned it into a masterpiece.

    Below is a picture of my own that I took about a year ago just for fun. This picture has turned into a page of inspiration inside of me because I think that if this picture was good by accident, maybe I could create something great on purpose.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Well said, thank you for sharing this with us. I look forward to seeing you develop as a nature photographer!

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