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    Duncan Rawlinson

    This post was posted by Cheekymate in the wrong section. I’m reposting it below.

    Assignment 2 – Finding Inspiration from Photography Masters
    Simon King

    As you know this assignment has caused me some difficulty with mental blocks. However this rainy Sunday I gave it some thought and wondered why I had had any difficulty with it at all because I instantly thought of Simon King.

    Simon King is probably better known for his television filming but he is also a keen photographer particularly of wild life and you can see some of his photographs by visiting

    I like him because I find him to be down to earth and inspiring when he talks. He can be seen on the Big Cat Diary programs and other programs like Spring Watch and Autumn Watch which are popular television programs in the UK. He is president of Somerset Wildlife Trust and he lives locally to us.

    When I see him on television I want to be there with him as he explains things so well and he is always inspirational to me.

    Simon will spend hours waiting for the perfect shot and can get up close and personal to his subjects sometimes in dangerous situations.

    Simon has won numerous awards for filming and photography including BAFTA Best Photography Factual 1993 and 2002.

    There are two photos on page 4 of his gallery which I instantly love because I love Kingfishers and find Mere cats fascinating and envy the fact that he has been able to photograph both!

    Because of his job Simon is able to photograph wildlife from other countries and in different scenarios like the Merecats photo. I know you can probably see Merecats for example, in zoos but with Simon you know his photos will be from the natural habitat of the wildlife subject he is shooting.

    Nevertheless he still takes photographs of wildlife that anyone could take like a robin, page 1 of his gallery, and still gets every detail perfect including the colour.

    I find that sometimes you might have what you think is the perfect picture but when you look at it again you realise the colour is not quite right or there is some other fault with it but with Simon everything is perfect – the colour the detail of the photo – for instance with the robin he has used a shallow depth of field in order to blur the background so all you focus on is the robin. I would have been so excited just to achieve the robin that I would forget about the background and that would probably have ruined the picture!

    He then takes a completely different picture like the sky also on page one of the gallery, and manages to achieve the perfect colour again.

    I hope the above is what you are looking for

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    I have looked through his gallery and you’re right. It’s beautiful wildlife photography. Page 2 of 4 is particularly impressive to me. Very intimate shots of wildlife.

    Thanks for helping inspire other wildlife photographers!

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