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    In the past I was honestly never interested in photography, for the fact that I was interested in things like meteorology, and willing to pursue other fields of work. I have always been interested in weather & landscapes but never truly knew how to pursue my passion. After years of really thinking about it. I made the large sacrifice to turn towards photography. It was the most unlikely but best decision I have ever made. Photography reveals a whole new perspective on what’s around you, unraveling the hidden beauty most of us take for granted. Every photograph represents a certain meaning and time, that just can’t be compared with anything else, and that moment will now last forever; In the form of a photograph. It takes a unique eye to be able to capture those unusual yet beautiful moments, and just literally, stop time. This is why I have become more deeper in thought with my photography. Trying to unravel the endless secrets Mother Nature has to offer.

    My main influence for my photographs is a photographer by the name of, Peter Lik. His pictures of the great American landscapes are by far the best I have seen, being compared to those of Ansel Adams. But it’s not about the comparison. It is about how Peter’s photographs evoke so much beauty, and emotion, that it seems almost out of this world. With the contrasts in color & light. All the way down to the pin sharp detail. If it were possible you could walk into these photos and simply just disappear. This is who I gain a lot of inspiration from. To be able to achieve an out of world perspective, something that will not only make you think as an artist. But will make the viewer think, evoking that emotion as well as understanding. A whole new unseen expression of Mother Nature.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi there!

    Your critique will be finished by the end of day Monday January 21.

    Thank you.


    Excellent! Thank you.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    So you have done a nice job on your assignment here.

    I had not heard of Peter Lik but I can see why you like his photographs. He has some remarkably vibrant landscape photographs.

    On a technical level to achieve that kind of quality, precision, and beauty in a photograph takes a tremendous amount of work and practice.

    I like what you’ve written here and hope that you can keep the inspiration of Peter Lik in your pocket as you go out and practice your photography.

    Do you live near nature or in a big city?


    Thank you for the critique.

    Indeed he does take amazing photographs. I will continue to work on my craft to soon be able to achieve such stunning results in the future.

    Also I will always keep his inspiration in my arsenal. He is my main inspiration behind all of my photos!

    I do live in a big city. It has landscapes in and also near the city area that are great for capturing photographs. I’m sure you might have seen some of my city shots on my Facebook page. 🙂

    Texas has so much diverse landscapes & weather. Which is why I was able to get not just great landscape shots, but also really beautiful weather shots like no other!

    I will get started on my next assignment very soon! 🙂

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Sometimes living in a big city can be a gift. For instance there is often wildlife in the city and they are are accustomed to people getting close to them. In that case you can get very close to them.

    Texas is a great place and getting out in the wild would certainly make for some great photographs.

    Take a look at these Texas related photographs for some inspiration.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Keep practicing and shoot as much as you can. Always have your camera on you.


    Those are some great Texas photos.

    We do have a good amount of wild life here.

    Coyotes, Jack Rabbits, Deer, we even have a lakes here.

    That offers a great variety of insect life, plant life, and wildlife. Which made for some great shots.

    I always keep an eye for that special shot, and take my camera whenever I can.

    Practice makes perfect!

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Take your camera everywhere!

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