assignment 2- Inspiration

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    Being inspired by others is a great form of learning. It gives me the energy to keep on going, to become more creative and to try new things in life. I was always a great admirer of art, good photos and architecture. My interest in photography started increasing after travelling to far away lands. I needed to show to others where I have been and what I saw. This was not just about capturing the moment but making the moment look special. This interest continued increasing after my family started growing from a husband and dog to a beautiful girl, and a new addition coming soon. About a year ago I got a new camera as a gift from my husband so that I could start developing this hobby from an amateur to a more ‘professional’ style.

    I do not have a particular artist that really inspires me, but rather I do get very much inspired from a beautiful piece of work. I love to look at scenic shots and portraits, expressing beauty out of simplicity. I do love to see national geographic shots that are usually very well composed and leave your mind lingering on the scene long after you close the book. Recently I am taking more interest in digital photography and photographs that are manipulated with photoshop. I also love seascapes, which I feel they fill my heart with peace. Some Maltese photographers have some very good work too, ranging from house designs and architecture to wonderful captivating scenery of the Maltese islands. With the start of this course, I started realising how macro photography can be really awesome and can be created practically out of the simplest things in the house. I have seen some very good examples in magazines and I am starting to gain particular interest in this area too.

    Lately I happen to have more time at hand and spend time browsing in professional photographers’ websites and portfolios. I found this site really interesting:
    There are thousands of photos to admire and criticise. I find some photos most inspiring and some others that I feel I can criticise too. But they surely leave your head aching with ideas! And this for me is an all new and exciting experience.

    I do not want to become a famous or a business photographer but I really want to improve my style so that I can utilise my creativity with the camera to its maximum potential. I would love to start sharing my good shots with others and getting comments on my work. I want to relate the story behind every picture I take so that my history will be marked with every new moment I capture.


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Beautifully said.

    You seem to have started to develop a clear understanding of what aesthetic you like and why. You also seem to have a clear understanding of your artistic objectives as a photographer. I look forward to seeing how you progress through this course!

    I look forward to seeing your next assignments.

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