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    Linnea Lenkus started out as a commercial photographer and then moved into studio work specializing in portraiture of kids, pregnancy and couples. I was particularly impacted by the couple’s portraiture in black and white. When I started looking at what avenue I was going to take as a photographer, landscape and nature were definitely at the top of the list. However after reviewing a great number of websites and looking for a photographer that I liked with regards to their style, I came across Linnea Lenkus. I never imagined that studio portraiture would have that great of an impact on me, yet after reviewing her photos, it has opened my mind to other genres. The first page of her website had a number of black and white photos of kids, couples and families that seemed to jump off the page with emotion. Looking deeper into her photos they really impacted me more I thought. Although I love the outdoors and nature photography, I love the impact that Linnea has in her photos. As most great photographers do, Linnea captures the feelings, beauty and emotions in every shot whether it is a couple a child or a nude and it brings forward the personality of the individual or couples being photographed to the viewer. Linnea’s use of black and white only enhances the mood and feelings that are betrayed in every shot. Her use of lighting and positioning of the couples brings forward and captures the emotions in that point in time. I believe that in every great photo there should be one thing that grabs your attention and helps you feel the mood within the shot.
    Black and white photos, I think if done properly can reflect moods and feelings in a strong and impactful way. Linnea’s photos capture the feelings of the individuals and portrays those same emotions back to the viewer. This is what every professional wants in the shots however some can relay these better than others. When I first saw one of the couples photos, in my opinion, captured a moment in time yet revealing a journey in the past or yet to come. It wasn’t the beauty of the individuals as much as the emotions that they portrayed.
    In summary I think that Linnea’s style and ability come forward very strongly in her photos and it’s a reflection of who she is not only as a photographer but as an individual. Whether she is photographing a baby, a couple or a family she has the ability to express what the people are feeling into one simple photograph.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thanks for sharing that with us. For other students that want to see her work you can visit her site here

    She also has a great bodyscapes section as well.

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