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    I’d like to begin to appoligize for any spelling mistakes because english is not my first language.
    Anyway here is my second assignment:
    Photography is sort of my lifeline, I almost feel traped if I don’t give myself time for it. It is deffinatly my creative outlet. My passion for photography started at a very young age and I was lucky enough that my mom and dad alowed me to experiment with it. I have countless photographs at my moms house from when I was young (not too many great ones but practise makes perfect 😉 A few years ago I bougt Canon Eos 350 camera and my passion for photography grew even more.
    Two of my favorite photographers are Icelandic and they use very different teqniques, Rax or Gunnar Axelsson, mostly shoots black and white photography. What I like in his work is that he seems to capture the feeling/atmosphere/moment in his pictures in an amazing way. The weather plays a huge role in some of his pictures and you almost feel cold just by looking at them. Choosing a particular piece of work of importance was very difficult but I find these two amazing (see bottom of this text).
    Here you can check out more of his work
    The other one, Ari Magg, is Icelands leading advertising photographer and shoots mostly in color and has developed his in own style with photoshop. His pictures are full of humor and, as Rax, he seems to capture the feeling as if you where right there next to the subject. I also like that he uses “real” people in is photographs, people with unique beauty, not your tipical supermodels:) He seems to be able to capture individual characters through the lense. Here you can check out is work
    I like photographs twith humor and hat seem to capture a persons unique character or the power of the elements, power of mother nature, pictures that capture the feeling of being there. Pictures that can make you travel around the world without ever having to leave your home. My inspiration also comes from the early photographers that used film and a great deal of preperation and thought went into each take. My goal is to master the art of taking pictures that do not need to be photoshoped a great deal, although I like to have the photoshop possiblilty.
    Best wishes

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thanks for sharing those resources with us Anita. I’ve already bookmarked both of the photographers you’ve mentioned. There work is fantastic and a great source of inspiration for other students in this community as well.

    Thanks for sharing.

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