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    im still having a hard time trying to match the right settings for the aperture and can i tell if my image is in the right setting if i use the viewfinder instead of the live preview..its really hard to tell sometimes its ok on the viewfinder but it comes out dark and sometimes it shows too dark in the live preview but the image is there a trick to make it easier to remember..anyway here it is I used my daughter as my model…hope i did it right…

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Two very good photographs that accomplish exactly what this assignment asked you to accomplish. In your first photograph you’ve captured the upper body movement of the child while ensuring the face and background remained crisp and in focus.

    Your second image, you’ve used a shallow depth of field to help isolate your main subject from you background. From a technical standpoint you’ve accomplished exactly what you were asked to do. Great work.

    However, I do want to draw your attention to a few common mistakes. If you can work on correcting these issues (which will take a lot of practice), your photographs will improve in their compositional elements as well.

    As I stated above, your understanding of aperture and shutter speed isn’t a problem. However, your composition is a little busy and distracting. You need to pay attention, not only to your main object, but also pay incredibly close attention to the 4 walls of your photograph. You’ve amputated (i.e. cut off), many of your second objects at inopportune places.

    For instance, look at the top wall of your first photograph. Notice that you’ve amputated a lamp and a plant. On the right wall you’ve amputated another black object. These seem accidental in nature. It’s a challenge, but it’s important that you focus, not only on the center of your photograph, but also on the 4 walls of your photograph. Try to either decide to include an object or exclude it.

    Sometimes however, amputation is simply unavoidable. Ensure you cut of objects at creative places that ensure the “cut point” doesn’t look distracting or accidental.

    Other than that… Great first assignment. You’ve accomplished exactly what was asked for you. I just brought up this other issue (even though you haven’t learnt about it yet), so you’ll start thinking about it in your next series of photographs. Great work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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