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    Here is my assignment on Shutter Speed and Aperture.
    I took a picture of a flower to show depth of field. I like this picture because it really showcases the flower and the insignificant leaves are blurred.
    Then I took a picture of a toy car. I had trouble with the movement section of this assignment. I find it very hard to capture movement.
    Otherwise I had fun and am happy with my pictures.

    Duncan Rawlinson


    Another great set of photographs. I notice a similar theme (from a composition standpoint) in both photographs. I won’t repeat myself because I pointed this out to you in your previous assignment, but your car photograph lacks depth and therefore suffers from a flatness that makes it boring.

    That being said, the purpose of this assignment was to showcase your technical understanding of shutter speed and aperture and you’ve done a perfect job at showcasing that.

    Your flower photograph is beautiful. You’ve done many things right with this photograph. You’ve isolated your main object away from the background by using a shallow depth of field. You’ve also color simplified (to be discussed in a later chapter), and your color pallet is very dramatic and well organized. Painters think about their color pallet, but photographers often overlook this element of their craft. However, understanding color, and the way different colors interact with one another is a great way to enhance your photography.

    On a side note, if you’ve ever seem the film Amilie, you’ll notice that the filmmakers used a color pallet of green and red. It’s in virtually every scene. The vegetables, the clothes, the accessories, the signs etc. Understanding color is very important not only for painters, but also for photographers and filmmakers as well.

    Great work, just be careful off stripping your photographs of 3 dimensions unless you have a really good reason. Keep up the great work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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