Assignment 3

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    The motion shots were quite a challenge. Continuing practice is needed, but it’s a fun challenge.

    I love taking shallow depth of field images. There is so much potential to these images.[attachment=2:3h83yvmz]fountain.jpg[/attachment:3h83yvmz][attachment=1]desert flower.jpg

    Duncan Rawlinson

    You’ve done a wonderful job with both of these images. Most importantly, you’ve accomplished exactly what was asked from you for this assignment. Understanding the technical elements of photography is such an important part of the art form. You wouldn’t be able to compose great images without understanding your tools. You seem to be able to work around the camera quite nicely already.

    Not only are both of your images strong from a technical standpoint (i.e. strong focus, well thought out composition, clean edges etc), but you’ve also creatively framed both images with a strong sense of depth. This depth (i.e. foreground, middle-ground and background) along with proper lighting, gives your image the illusion of three dimensions even though a photograph is only 2 dimensions. Using layers and particularly strong foreground elements help the audience feel as through they “are there”. Layers and depth help guide your audience into a the frame give life to the image. Great work.

    Equally as impressive is your ability to control color. You haven’t got to that lesson yet, but for now just know that your color palettes are simplified through hue limitation and that further helps you direct your audiences focus and it ensures your image doesn’t appear cluttered.

    Great work with these images. I look forward to seeing what you accomplish next!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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