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    Please find two photos one of a washing machine working and on of a Eunomous[attachment=1:2kmgia3p]washing machine working.jpg[[attachment=0]Eunomous.jpg[/attachment:2kmgia3p]

    Duncan Rawlinson

    What a creative idea. I’ve never seen a photograph that shows the movement of a washing machine before. What a creative mind!

    First of all, both of these shots accomplish what this assignment asked for you. Your first photograph shows the movements of the washing machine with a load in. Although it’s abstract, we can see the movement in circular motions back and forth.

    Your second shot required that you isolate your main area of interest by blurring the background by using a shallow depth of field. You’ve done a great job on this photograph as well. You have great clarity and focus in your main area of interest (the plan) and you’ve blurred your background enough to provide background context while at the still time softening the edges of the objects in the background to ensure that the viewers attention is placed within the right areas of the photograph.

    Your shallow depth of field photograph is great. I just want to talk with you about your composition of the motion photograph. This idea and the level of creativity are amazing. That being said, you need to be incredibly careful about composition. Remember, the 4 walls of your photograph as as important as the center. Again, in this photograph you’ve cut off (amputated) a large part of the motion with the right wall of the photograph. It also appears that there was a bit of camera movement within this shot. Remember, you need to be incredibly steady or use a tripod for shots where you’re trying to capture movement. Otherwise, more than just the area of motion will be blurred.

    Other than that, these are both great photographs which show both your creativity and your understanding of the technical control of your camera. Great work!

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