Assignment #3- Automatic Settings

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    The first two pictures were taken by using the slow shutter speed on a moving subject.

    The third picture is my shallow depth of field- clear subject with a blurred background. Thanks!



    [attachment=0:2wqw5bhb]058 – Copy.JPG[/attachment:2wqw5bhb]

    Duncan Rawlinson


    You have an eye for movement. Your focus is near perfect on all of the images (especially considering your shooting moving subjects with a slow shutter speed). Very impressive.

    Not only have you shown your technical understanding of this lesson by experimenting with one of the more challenging movement techniques, but you’ve also managed to compose 3 very beautiful images. Each image has a strong and limited color palette, a clear focus, depth and main subject isolation. Great work.

    My main concern with the bottom two images is that you’ve slightly amputated (i.e. cut off) part of your main subject with 1 or more of the walls of your composition. For example, notice in the bike image the back tire is slightly cut off by the left and bottom wall of the image? Notice the front tire is amputated by the bottom wall?

    In your last image notice how you’ve just slightly amputated the wing of the bird with the right wall of the image?

    Your first image on the other hand doesn’t suffer from any amputation and I really think that composition is much stronger because of that. The other two images are very strong as well but be careful of how your primary and secondary objects interact with the 4 walls of your image.

    Other than that these 3 shots are amazing. Great work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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