Assignment 3 – Manual Settings

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    Both images were taken in Shutter Priority Mode. I find both shutter speed and aperture together difficult to grasp…

    Duncan Rawlinson

    These are two great examples for this assignment. In your first picture of the teapot especially since there are so many photographic elements in that shot.

    Let me begin by saying that both photographs are technically well done. You’ve been asked to take a picture with a shallow depth of filed and a slow shutter speed and you’ve done a great job on the technical elements of both of these shots. The desired outcomes have been achieved.

    What I would like to speak about in a little more depth is some of the other photographic features that we’ll be discussing in upcoming lessons but are visible in your photographs in this assignment.

    In your teapot photograph for example, you have incorporated color simplicity to help your viewer navigate through the photograph. You’ve used only the copper color, green, and the black background to compose your image. Just as an artist thinks in great detail about their color pallet, a photographer serves to benefit from doing the same. Your ability to organize color in your natural environment seems to come second nature to you. Great job.

    Secondly, your lighting helps create nice highlights (without any overexposure) and also creates a beautiful texture. I feel like I can feel the coolness and texture of the metal by just looking at this photograph.

    My only concern with these two photographs is that I have no context for your photograph on movement. I see the moving lights but have no frame of reference to what it is, making it solely an abstract photograph. It’s not wrong what you’ve done, but it’s rewarding to play with movement in more subtle ways or at least in ways that don’t fully eliminate the context of the photograph.

    Other than that… great work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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