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    My shot for this assignment is one of my favorites so far. It uses the complementry colors of pink and green and the yellow in the center of the flower is analogous to the green on the stem. As for my backdrop, a black sweatshirt layed on a chair worked quite nicely with a minor smudge done in photoshop to get rid of some lint on the sweater.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Beautiful work.

    This is one of your strongest submissions so far. The purpose of this assignment was to see your ability to understand color and color theory. You’ve done a great job of simplifying this photograph and using harmonious colors and shapes to help you communicate a feminine, royal and gentle tone.
    I also love the “leading line” that the stem creates. It comes into the composition from the top right corner which helps guide the eye into the composition. The flower itself acts as a “stopper” at the end of the leading line. This is the object that the audience’s eyes can rest on while they are not exploring the rest of your photograph.

    I do have 2 concerns however. For starters, the left side of the image is slightly clipped by the left wall of your photograph. This looks unintentional and detracts from an otherwise strong composition.

    My second concern is your focal point. Your sharpest focus seems to be on the stem directly behind the flower petals. My concern with this is that the stem, in my opinion, is the least interesting part of the composition. The colors of the flower, and in particular the petals and the center of the flower are much more interesting and full of texture. I would have liked to see your strongest focal point on one of those two areas.

    Again, this is a small detail, but increased sharpness on the more interesting part of the plant would really help this photograph jump out at audiences.

    For example, look at the focal point of this photograph:

    Notice the stem is in soft focus, and the flower is sharp.

    Great work overall! I really love this image.

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