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    Here’s my photo for assignment 5.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Spectacular photograph.

    The colors of this photograph are so incredibly soft and gentle which has helped create a very soothing tone for this shot. My initial reaction to this photograph was very positive.

    This assignment asked that you showcase your ability to manage and organize color in a technically sound and artistic way. You’ve accomplished that very well.

    The colors you’ve chosen are analogous and work very well together in creating a harmonious look to your shot. What I love most however, is your ability to capture texture. It’s important that you draw from your previous assignments and lectures and you’ve also been doing a great job of carrying that technical and artistic knowledge foreword.

    The lighting in this scene is ideal and helps draw out the subtle textures in the flowers.

    The use of a strong foreground element while still using the background to provide context is a great way to add a sense of depth to help provide the illusion of 3 dimensions.

    Overall, this is such a great photograph. There is only 1 thing I want to make you aware of. In fact, you’ve done a great job with what I’m about to explain but I just want you to be conscious of it.

    In the past, we’ve discussed the downfalls of un-strategic amputation. However, what’s important to point out, that issues of amputation become less pronounced when you use a shallow depth of field. When you’re drawing your audience’s attention to another object, issues of amputation in the background become much less jarring and much more forgivable. For instance, notice the flower on the upper left corner of the shot. Notice how the left wall is amputating the flower? In this case, because of your shallow depth of field, the amputation is acceptable. I just wanted to draw your attention towards the idea of strategic and allowable amputation.

    Great work!

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