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    simplified composition using informal balance, vertical lines, and negative space

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Beautiful, beautiful photograph. I’m incredibly impressed with this shot. What’s most important for me to see is that you have not only the ability to organize objects within small spaces (i.e. a dog on the floor, a flower in the garden), but also show the same compositional, artistic and technical understanding in a “larger” picture. You’ve effectively proven that you can apply these challenging concepts outside the realm of macro photography. This is impressive because the larger your pictures become and the further away from macro or close up photograph you go, the better you need to be at organizing chaos and finding patterns and simplification in your everyday environment. It’s no easy task.

    However, I look at this picture and I see a very well composed photograph. The main highlights are:

    1. Your horizon abides by the rule of thirds
    2. Your main object (the house) is located perfectly at one of the rule of thirds intersecting points
    3. Your use of vertical lines in the three birch trees helps provide an interesting primary focus of this photograph and it also provides perspective on the size of the building.
    4. Your colors are incredibly simplified. White, green and brown with orange highlights in the leaves.
    5. Every single wall of your photograph is clear of distractions.

    This is an incredible photograph from many different angles. It’s not only artistic and interesting to think about but the technical elements are all there as well. Congratulations.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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