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    The assignment called for the photo to show motion as well as composition. A lot of the submissions show no motion. If this photo isnt what your looking for i do have another, thank you[attachment=0:34q0uplm]buddys holiday.jpg[/attachment:34q0uplm]

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great shot! It’s very interesting to look at. Talk about great timing. There is lots going on in this image. As you said, this image was about composition and you’ve done a great job of that. You’ve included a lot of information in a very organized manner. You have used a simplistic color background of trees and the bottom of your frame uses the water. This helps create a nice color pallet as a backdrop for your jumping dog. You’ve captured the dog at the perfect time as they have a trail of water trailing from behind them letting us know, this isn’t the dogs first jump! Not only that but the dog is placed at one of the interesting points on the rule of thirds. The composition for this shot is very good.

    The arangment of the dock for me is a little distracting. I think you could have framed that object a little better. It’s not terrible but it’s the most distracting part of the photograph. I think it should still be included you just need to think about the best possible ways to frame it and cut it off with your frame. I think your cut point could improve on both the bottom wall of the photograph and the right wall of the photograph.

    Another idea I would like you to explore is the non obvious shot. Rather than observing from a distance, what about getting closer? What about kneeling down at the end of the dock and use your zoom (to ensure your camera stays dry) and get a shot of the dog as the jump past you? This puts your wet dog right in the foreground and you can add some really interesting perspective and depth this way.

    There is also a lot of great detail (and a smile) in the dogs face, what about trying to frame the dog in the mid air with the trail of water coming off them but focusing on the texture and details of the dogs face, while keeping the background simple using a limited color pallet. Those are just a couple of ideas, but start thinking about shots that are not obvious. Playing with your position and playing with depth (a photograph that includes a good foreground, middle-ground and background) is a great way to achieve this.

    Great work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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