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    Soft vs. hard lighting

    Example of Soft


    Example of Hard


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great work.

    I notice marked improvements in your work from the beginning until now. What I’m noticing is that you’re picking a few photographic design elements that you want to incorporate into each photograph. For instance, some of your shots use texture, color and lines, others use shapes, emotion and atmosphere.

    However, you’ve also managed to focus each idea within a photograph. None of your photographs seem like you’re trying to do too much. On the flip side of the coin, your images are also not oversimplified. You have just the right amount of complexity to keep the photograph interesting and engaging without making it distracting and cluttered ot too simple and boring. You have fond a nice middle ground between these two extremes.

    In your first image you’re using a leading line which also doubles as a strong foreground object because of your camera placement. Therefore this line not only guides your viewer’s eyes into the photograph but it also helps provide a sense of 3 dimensions and depth.

    Your second image, is much flatter with most of the image taking place in the middle ground, but your focus with this image is color. Your highly saturated blues provide a dramatic effect, while your first image has a much softer grey feel to it, which gives it a more gentle feel.

    My only concern is with your sky in your first image. It seems to a technical limitation of your camera, but you still have a few “burnt out” areas in your sky that lack details. I think we may have shared this with you before but it’s worth re-reading to refresh your memory. Please read the following blog entry on dynamic range:

    Overall your work is great. Thank you for submitting this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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