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    See post below…


    I am bravely posting this self portrait. I used to take my children to the railroad tracks by our old house and we would try to smash pennies. After all the lessons I’ve learned about lines I thought this would be the perfect place for a “dreamlike” shot. I am a little self conscious about the photo because I do see myself this way but I never put it on film before. I am proud of the photo and I do think it projects a side of me that I don’t often show. I learned a lot about photography by taking this picture of myself. I am usually behind the lens. 😎


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi Tammy!

    How are you?

    Now first things first here. I don’t want you to do potentially dangerous stuff just for photo assignments!!! 😮

    In all seriousness though you really need to be careful as a photographer. Robert Capa died by accidentally stepping on a landmine. He was one of the greatest photojournalists of all time and his most famous quote which is sadly ironice now was: “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough. “

    Anyway, you get the idea. You need to get close, but it can also be extremely dangerous!

    So be careful please! And don’t do anything dangerous for this course.

    Now onto the photograph itself.

    I would have preferred to be a little closer to the main subject.

    Here are some minor notes:


    The big circle in the frame shows some empty negative space which is many time but in this case I think it’s too much.

    Also the entire frame feels like it’s on a slant. Finally there are some telephone poles that are distracting…

    This colorized frame is interesting and this is where it gets subjective. You may like this and someone else may not… But that is sort of up to you right!

    Overall I’m very impressed that you’ve taken a chance and done some that you have “bravely” done. And I don’t mean going onto railway tracks… I mean doing something that scares you a little. Like posting a self portrait…

    It’s a creative frame that illicit a direct emotional response when you view the frame! That means you’re getting better!!

    Nice job!


    Thank you so much for the positive feedback. All of your suggestions were wonderful. I didn’t want to use photoshop to fix the things that you pointed out on the original submission. I did notice the problems with the photo and I wanted to improve on it as you suggested. I cropped the photo alittle closer to myself. I took out the telephone poles that were distracting, I evened out the tree line, and then I traced myself and selected the inverse. I did a Gaussian blur to help make the trees less of a focal point. Is this better? I want to give this picture to my husband and I would like it to be perfect. 😉 [attachment=0:3kndil50]_MG_5293 1.jpg[/attachment:3kndil50] I don’t want you to worry…I was very careful when I took this photo and I was in no danger except for the few “passerby’s” who wondered what I was doing… :o! I promise. I am a Grandma of 5 and I have a lot to live for… 😀

    Duncan Rawlinson

    yes this is much better.

    of course doing the fixes “in camera” are the best 😉


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