Assignment Three

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    The two pictures i am submitting are of my puppies. The first is my movement piece, using a slow shutter speed. The second is my shallow depth of field, with my puppy in the foreground close up and the grass background blurred. i hope you like them!!

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Both of these shots are very good. Let’s begin by discussing the first one. There are some really great features to this photograph. For starters I love how you’ve used shape to create a more dramatic photograph in your first image. The diagonal horizon line makes the photograph look as through it’s going downhill. This has a much more dramatic look then if the image used a flat horizon line.

    This image uses two triangular shapes (one at the top 1/3rd and one at the bottom 2/3rd’s. Finding lines that help create triangular shapes is a great way to enhance your photographs.

    On a similar note this image abides by the rule of thirds perfectly. Everything from the placement of the dog to your horizon line is exactly where it should be. You’ve also managed to use a lot of negative space which has helped isolate your main subject. To further isolate your main subject you’ve used a limited color palette. This is one of the most challenging aspects of photography and you’ve done a wonderful job with this image.

    Your second image, although it accomplishes what was asked from you for this assignment, lacks the same caliber of composition as your first image. Although the angle, perspective and lighting are fantastic, the amputation (i.e. cutting off of objects using one or more of the 4 walls of your photograph) is very distracting. I feel like you should have either included less of the body and focused on the head, or included the entire body. By just leaving out a fraction of the dog’s backend the cropping looks accidental.

    Other than that, you’ve done a great job on this assignment. I hope to see your next assignment soon.

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