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    I really enjoyed this assignment and have learned a few new things. Thanks!! 😀

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thanks for submitting another assignment.

    I’m happy that you enjoyed doing this one. That’s the best thing I can hear on this student forum!

    Lesson 3: Assignment Assignment Title: Finding Depth and Motion
    This assignment will have you prove to yourself that you understand how to create motion within a photograph and create a shallow depth of field. It’s a two part assignment and will require that you upload two different photo’s to our online student grading center.

    The first photograph should be captured using a slow shutter speed on a moving subject which will create the illusion of motion within a two dimensional space.

    The second photograph should be a shot of a shallow depth of field. The objects in your foreground should be in focus while your background should be slightly blurred.

    If you don’t have manual control over your camera you should reverse the rules for the second photograph.

    If you don’t have manual control of your camera your first photo should be of a fast shutter speed where you freeze a fast moving object of your choice. Most cameras that don’t have manual control have a fast shutter speed by default.

    Your second photo should be of the largest possible depth of field you can achieve. Again, most cameras that don’t have manual control of this feature are usually built to capture a large depth of field.

    The critique:

    You have submitted three images.

    Image 1:
    You mention:

    I think this is such a neat form of art/photography!

    I agree!

    This is an interesting and very abstract image. It’s impossible for me to tell what this actually is. If you’re just playing around and learning that’s ok! In fact it looks like tornado of liquid. Although I’m inclined to think that it could also be smoke from a candle with some post processing on it.

    One thing is for sure, the focus on the image could have been better. When you’re shooting in the dark this is difficult.

    One thing you can do is set you camera to it’s focus using a flashlight on your lens in manual focus mode (if you have that option)… If your out shooting landscapes in the dark you can set your focus to infinity.

    Image 2:
    This one is also quite abstract but it appears to be droplets of water with some post processing on the image as well.

    Note how in this image the focus looks a little better and you can make out what it is… This is a challenging shot because in order to capture this kind of motion you actually have to set your shutter speed to be relatively quick.

    Either way you’ve gotten closer to understanding how to shoot a photograph that gives the illusion of motion. So job well done. Of course there is always room for improvement. In this case better control of your focus. For this type of image you have to shoot on a tripod. Ideally with a shutter release cable or using your camera’s built in self timer to avoid camera shake.

    Also, be aware that it makes it more difficult to critique the images when a large amount of post processing has been done on them! 😉

    Image 3:

    This is a very nice image.

    I like the warm feeling of the image. It has a soft kind of feeling.

    A couple minor points are as follows.


    This is a very nice image. Good job!

    1. This area is slightly out of focus.
    2. This area is in focus.
    3. If you combine those two areas and put them in focus the image would be improved…

    In other words, it’s a nice depth of field image but the focal point of the image should be more inside the area of focus.

    It’s a nice image and you’ve done well. Especially because there is no snow in this shot. 😉 😉

    I’m happy to see you experimenting with your first two images as well.


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